SPOTLIGHT by ÌMỌ̀ DÁRA The world’s first and only socially focused platform dedicated to African art.

ÌMỌ̀ DÁRA Build your knowledge about the origin, use and distinguishing features of African art pieces.

Savage Interiors An online website showcasing design ideas.

Lipstick Barsnacks Supplies snacks and alcoholic beverages to the leisure industry on a global basis.

SLPM Cover aspects of Property Maintenance including Waste Removal, Garden and Ground Maintenance, Gutter Cleaning & Pressure Washing.

Web Apps

LiveTrail An instant logging app in your browser.

BeatBox A simple node app to help you monitor and analyse your server logs.


Vue Breakpointer A simple Vue plugin/mixin to augment your Vue instance with breakpoint helpers

Vue Methodly A simple Vue plugin to augment your Vue instance methods with custom ones.

jQuery AniView A jQuery plugin that works in harmony with animate.css in order to enable animations only when content comes into view.


LiQuiD Linode Quick Deployment (LiQuiD) CLI tool

Max A simple backup utility for macOS


Frank A minimalist Markdown notes app.