Hi. I'm Jonathan.

I create Websites and Web Applications. I am a Geek.



Using the latest web technologies, I deliver solutions that work for you and your business. Your website will be unique, responsive (mobile-friendly) and oriented towards user-experience in order to help maximise revenue.

Web Applications

Whether you need an analytics tool, a social media platform or something to help you create your in-house marketing emails, I can help. Built from the ground up to perform only the tasks required.

Themes & Plugins

Sometimes you already have a nice website but it's missing some functionality or perhaps it needs a style 'refresh'. Using plugins and themes I can completely transform your website or web application without the expenditure associated with a completely new build.

Content Management

A Content Management System (CMS) makes updating your website incredibly easy. No coding skills are required so that means you can focus on what matters... the content. I will build you a solution that is both easy to use and scaleable for when your business grows.





I am a London-based, freelance, full-stack web developer. I work across all aspects of the web including, but not limited to: Linux administration, web-hosting, LAMP stacks and back-end PHP frameworks right on through to front-end frameworks and responsive web design.

Not only do I have the technical skills required to build your new web application or website but owing to my decade-long stint in advertising, I can bring a lot more value to our working relationship and address your wider marketing needs.

I have worked as a Planner/Buyer of digital media in a large agency on brands including O2 and Hewlett Packard, as a Technical Manager at a digitally savvy publisher across a plethora of brands including Auto Express, Car Buyer, The Week and Men's Fitness and a little more recently I have helped out at a few boutique digital agencies in central London.

I have always excelled in my career and have picked up various awards along the way. They usually relate to going 'above and beyond'.


When I am not working, I still love to code. I am currently building a DAV server using Laravel and sabre/dav. I own several Raspberry Pi's which I have configured as routers, media centres or information dashboards and I keep finding new reasons to buy more.

When the weather is particularly 'British' I tend to catch up on the latest shows or watch a deserving movie. If its a little nicer outside, I can be found climbing things and cafe hopping. I also love to travel farther afield on occasion.

Hating New Year's resolutions, I once themed an entire year 'fun' - attempting to do something new every day for the whole year and travelling abroad at least once a month during that time. It's actually not as 'fun' as it sounds...

I love italian food, hate baked beans, eat way too much chocolate and sing terribly whilst playing my acoustic guitar. I was once in a rock band... the fact that I say 'once' should explain why I am now a web developer.